Saturday, October 25, 2014

Where is Senate Candidate Dr. Monica Wehby?

I see her campaign advisors from the far east in D.C. doing push polls and sending news releases. Wehby's campaign ads are epic productions worthy of an Acadeny Award nomination but, I don't see her doing much more than a line or two in any of it.

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I can't help feeling just a little sorry for Elizabeth Cronen, the spokesperson for Cover Oregon.   She's the person on the front lines for the embarrassing mess that is the only failed healthcare exchange website in the nation that makes our state the laughingstock of America. She is the one dealing with all those uncomfortable questions from reporters covering this train wreck.

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I have no idea how many people from the valley make the pilgrimage to the coast hoping to spot a gray whale spout during the migrations. Whale Watch Week is popular and people in general care very much about the whales.  They are amazing creatures. As it turns out, while we have pretty good idea about when the gray whales will be on the move, there are other whales out there. We really don't know exactly where those are going to be swimming at any given time as they follow their migrations.

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