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On November 15, 2015 at 1135 Astoria Police, Astoria Fire and Medix Ambulance responded to a report of an unresponsive male on the viewing platform at the foot of 6th Street.

A University Of Oregon economist says that the state economy is growing, but the pace of that growth seems to be slowing.  Tim Duy says Oregon lost 5300 jobs in September but thinks that figure will be adjusted upward later. Otherwise job loss at that level could be viewed as recessionary.

Duy is an economics professor at UO. He observes that Oregon's growth rate has been above average through 2015.  The Federal Reserve is concerned that if growth happens too fast it will cause inflation which is why it's likely the Fed will increase interest rates. If that were to occur the effect would be to further slow the pace of growth in Oregon next year.

Astoria’s Parks and Rec has plenty of things going on even when the weather turns nasty, as it is expected to do over the next few days.

One popular program is a volunteer coordination effort. Citizens Helping Improve Parks or CHIP which encourages residents to CHIP-In by volunteering for various clean-up projects in city parks and facilities.

Fall chinook salmon are returning to the Hanford Reach section of the Columbia River in record-setting numbers. Scientists estimate 200,000 chinook are spawning in the Hanford Reach, the most fish ever counted in this area since dams were constructed in the 1930s.

Coast Guard crews out for a training exercise rescued three capsized kayakers near Clatsop Spit at the Columbia River entrance, Tuesday afternoon.  All three kayakers were picked up and delivered to awaiting emergency medical services.

Today Jeff Gudman is announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Oregon Treasurer. Gudman is a two term Lake Oswego City Councilor, the current treasurer of the Legacy Emmanuel Foundation and the former treasurer of USA Olympic Swimming.

Following reports of merger discussions between beer makers Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller, Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today urged the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice to weigh in any future review process how a deal would affect craft brewers, consumers and distributors in Oregon and across the country. Recent media reports suggest the so-called “macro-brewers” may have sought to curb competition by acquiring distributors and limiting the access craft brewers have to consumers in stores, bars and restaurants.

On  Saturday Astoria Police officers responded to the emergency room at Columbia Memorial Hospital. Staff reported they were treating a patient that appeared to have been stabbed. The victim, Christopher Peterson, a 27 year old Warrenton resident, had been treated for a laceration to his neck that was consistent with being stabbed with a jagged object.  It might have be a routine investigation except Peterson said he could not recall how he ended up in the hospital.

There have been some high profile acts of vandalism committed in Clatsop county over the last few months. Vandals climbed the construction fence and scafolding to toss paint over the newly refreshed work on the top of the Astoria Column. Some this past week someone decided to destroy the newly upgraded ball field at Warrenton's community park by recklessly driving all over it repeatedly tearing up the newly graded surface and the freshly reseeded turf.  Police are stilll trying to track down those responsible.

Representatives from multiple local jurisdictions gathered Monday, Nov. 2 in Astoria to learn about the roles and responsibilities of senior officials in natural disasters and other emergencies.  The workshop, sponsored by the Clatsop County Emergency Management Division and Board of Commissioners, was designed to illustrate to participants their respective roles in a disaster, and familiarize the participants with established emergency response protocols such as the Incident Command System used by first responders.

The Fifth Annual Harvest Haul, a food drive for the Peninsula wrapped up another stormy season on Saturday. This was the fifth year for the OMG Radio, Okie’s Thriftway Market, Great NorthWest Federal Credit Union Harvest Haul. Food and cash donations during Harvest Haul go directly to the Ilwaco and Ocean Park Food Banks.

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