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A man knocked on the back door of the Warrenton Police Station shortly after 8:00 pm Friday evening . An officer opened the door and the man commented that the police were “looking for me” and that he was “wanted for murder.” The man identified himself at David Isaiah Godwin age 25 from Newport, North Carolina. The officer checked with Dispatch and found that Godwin had an arrest warrant out of North Carolina for “Homicide” and was listed as “Armed and Dangerous.”

The city of Astoria has six timber street end structures at the north end of the streets from 6th to 11th that are inspected by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) for safety each year. ODOT makes recommendations on repairs following those inspections and if not completed the agency recommends closure to vehicular and trolley traffic. The city just found out that those structures are in such bad shape the state wants repairs immediately or will shut down access.

The "Mayor of Uniontown", as she is known by locals, Rae Goforth formally resigned her position on the Sunset Transportation Board of Directors due to declining health. Goforth's remarkable level of volunteerism earned her the Astoria Warrenton Chamber "George Award" in 1986 and her commitment to making the town better through organizing businesses in the Uniontown Association and looking after Astoria's western gateway neighborhood resulted in the refurbishment and continued upkeep of the Dough Boy Veteran's Monument. She was instrumental in the establishment of the Maritime Memorial Park.

Oregon State Police report responding to two accidents and arrested two people who were racing at high speed in two vehicles in a separate incident on Highway 26 Wednesday.

The City of Astoria makes a significant financial contribution to support various arts and cultural programs through the Promote Astoria Fund which is backed by hotel/motel room taxes. As part of it’s annual budget process the city of Astoria also makes money available to local nonprofit agencies that directly help citizens in need through a structured grant program. This fiscal year eight local nonprofit organizations and eleven arts programs were approved for Astoria City Grant Funding through the city budget process.

The 2016 Astoria paving project includes work on sections of nine streets throughout the city in need of attention. The city is responsible for streets that are not part of the state highway system therefore Commercial Street, Leif Erickson Drive and Marine Drive are not part of the annual street improvement projects. Funding for the project comes from the municipal fuel tax fund and this year was estimated to cost in the $420,000 range to complete.

What Astoria residents pay for water and sewer service goes up again this year but that extra charge for the combined sewer overflow projects stays the same as last year.  The city has to keep up with the actual cost of delivering that water to your tap and the waste water coming back to handle all the infrastructure demands on the system every year.  The public works department needed at 6% bump in water rates and you’ll pay an additional 6% on your sewer bill as well. Councilor Drew Herzig voted against the increases, he said, because of concerns over those on fixed incomes, or the poor and their ability to pay. 

The new Astoria Parks and Recreation Master Plan is on its way to becoming part of the city development code. That means once fully approved by the city council future decisions about development and disposition of city parks and facilities will be guided by the outcomes that plan incorporates.

Residents living in specific zip code areas of South Pacific County benefit from an agreement between the city of Astoria and the trust established to handle a specific bequest from the estate of Verna S. Oller. The agreement reached with Astoria Tuesday night also benefits the city Aquatic Center.

A Coast Guard helicopter crew, working with Long Beach Police Department personnel and park rangers, rescued a family of three, including a 20-month-old child, who were reportedly lost in Leadbetter Point State Park, Washington,Saturday.

There are lots of special local events throughout the area this weekend in celebration of Independence Day. Events begin on Saturday in some towns and there are plenty of fireworks, parades, festivals, and family-freindly events to enjoy. Here’s your complete guide to all the fun things to see and do:

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