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There are some potentially interesting things coming in Astoria's transportation future.  Those things could include taking the highway down to three lanes at some point along Marine Drive all the way to 8th and Commercial, providing safer intersections and easier ways to cross the highway. Astoria could see two-way streets instead of one-way streets downtown and upgraded traffic signals, more bike lanes, more roundabouts.

Astoria Mayor Willis Van Dusen, responding to a recent newspaper article, said at Monday's City Council meeting that things are going to change at city council .  He said he will run a tighter ship when it comes to staying in charge of the council meeting.  A recent article pointed to the many occasions since his election to the City Council that Drew Herzig has called for public comment when it was not appropriate to do so and the number of times he has spoken over the top of other council members. Even the Mayor.

One Astoria City Councilor doesn't think it's entirely fair for the city to sell some of the 1500 excess properties it owns. Drew Herzig stated at Monday's city council meeting that it could damage people's well being. After he made this statement there was a period of dead silence. Councilor Russ Warr and Mayor Willis Van Dusen both seemed confused by the statement and asked Herzig to explain.

Astoria City Councilor Drew Herzig explained Monday evening that his involvement with the Friends group that would buy the Astoria Armory was limited to deciding whether or not to join that groups board of directors.  He said that for a roughly 24 hour period between October 11th and October 12th he was considering joining that board.  He said that he attended a meeting with the friends, that they had yet to form a board at that time and he stated no one was present from city staff  but failed to mention that immediately following that meeting there was a second meeting with city staff where He told KAST news previously he was speaking on behalf of the friends group.

In Long Beach this past Friday, a black bear attacked a woman and a dog... killing the dog, wounding the woman identified as Janet Herman

The bad news is the Port Of Astoria is facing a state penalty for failing to test for some pollutants in stormwater run-off.  The good news is the Port may sponsor a supplemental environmental project instead of writing a check for the DEQ fine.

Almost.  Astoria's big, dirty 11th street CSO project is heading to the final stages.

The 3rd Annual Harvest Haul foodraiser hit record numbers this year exceeding expections for both food and cash donations to help feed the hungry on the Long Beach Peninsula.

The Oregon Office of Emergency Management is coordinating the largest amateur radio emergency communications exercise ever throughout Oregon this Saturday, Nov. 2.  Scheduled to participate are counties from four states, emergency management agencies from Washington, California, Idaho, and other emergency response organizations including Red Cross, PGE, and the Oregon National Guard.

The National Weather Service has posted a High Wind Watch for late tonight through Saturday so our blue skies this morning will likely give way to some nasty weather by tonight.  KAST 1370 Meteorologist Rick Van Cise puts it this way saying  "This is an "in between" day, which is my weather shorthand for saying we'll have a generally dry Friday with clouds and some breaks in the overcast before the next storm arrives.  Tonight the rain increases along with some pretty stout southwesterlies and westerlies that will gust in the 40 mph range Saturday before easing later in the day.  Highs will top out in the mid 50s today, barely to 50tomorrow with overnight lows in the upper 40s.  The National Weather Service says be prepared for some potential minor flooding along low lying beach areas during Saturday's high tides due to some hefty swells of 20 feet or so."

With a list like this there just has to be something to peak your interest in November at the Astoria Public Library.  Programs for the month launch tonight with the showing of the film "Reel Injun", an insightful and entertaining documentry that chronicles the Hollywood Indian in cinema.  Created by Cree filmmaker Neil Diamond "Reel Injun" explores the portrayal of North American Natives through the history of cinema.  Admission is free and the show starts Friday night at 6pm.  There's more.

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