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The Board adopted the Fiscal Year 2017-18 county budget, as well as the budgets for the 4H & Extension Service District, Road District #1, Rural Law Enforcement District and Westport Sewer Service District. 


In June 1967, after months of stalling, the Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 1601, which guarantees public access to the state's beaches and establishes a state easement on all beaches between the low water mark and the vegetation line.  The "Beach Bill" turns 50 this July and a grand celebration is planned at the State Capitol to mark the occasion where tons of sand will be brought in, games will be offered, bands will play, speeches will abound and seafood will be the order of the day.

“We’re bringing the beach to the Capitol, where the legacy of Oregon’s open beaches began,” said Laurel Hillmann, event coordinator and Ocean Shores Specialist for Oregon State Parks.

 Not so fast there Laurel.


Coast Guard and local agency partners will conduct a joint exercise at the Coast Guard Sector Columbia River base in Warrenton between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. today (Thursday).

The exercise will simulate a security incident on base, with participants simulating how they will respond to the incident and what actions they will take in order to restore normal operations after such an incident.

An analysis of the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA) conducted by Oregon State agencies charged with the administration of the provisions of that act reveals shocking estimates of how that Republican-led replacement for Obama Care would impact Oregonians.

Police say a pizza delivery driver was robbed by use of physical force by two men waiting for him at a vacant Emerald Heights apartment Tuesday night.  One suspect is in custody while the other fled and police are trying to identify that suspect.

The Oregon Construction Contractor Board (CCB) found 83 suspected violations of illegal construction resulting from visits to 380 job sites during a recent multistate enforcement action targeting the construction industry.

Annual payroll information is in for 2016 for Northwest Oregon businesses and you may be wondering, how does your industry measure up in the grand scheme of things? Here’s the snapshot:

According to numbers compiled by the state employment department, Clatsop County’s private-sector employment leader was leisure and hospitality which includes accommodations, food services, arts, entertainment and recreation businesses and employed more than 4,300. The industry with the largest total payroll was education and health services with over $110 million in total payroll. Manufacturing led the average wages within the county with an average wage of $56,027. The largest number of businesses was in the trade, transportation, and utility industry which includes retail and wholesale trade businesses.

Members of the city library board meet with Warrenton city commissioners in a work session this evening at 5 pm the topic of discussion is the tax levy for the library that ends June 30, 2018

At the regular commission meeting starting at 6 pm the commission will hold a public hearing on the city budget for the fiscal year that starts in July and consider a resolution to adopt that 30 million dollar budget and establish property tax rates based on a 3% increase in the base rate to $1.67 per thousand dollars of assessed valuation.  Voter-approved option levies are added to that amount for police and the library bringing the rate up to a little over $2 per thousand.

Local first responders had their hands full over the past weekend as hot weather in the valley caused thousands to seek relief at the beach.  There were three rear end crashes within a tight time frame on Highway 26, another incident involving an argument between a tow truck driver and another man that ended up with both pulling handguns, luckily nobody fired. Then there was a fight on 26 between the occupants of three different vehicles that are still under investigation. Add to that a serious injury accident that saw a driver claim to have fallen asleep that caused him to cross the center line, sideswiped one car and continued into a head-on collision with a second vehicle.


Columbia Memorial Hospital has been recertified by the State of Oregon as a Level IV Trauma Center and the only hospital in the immediate area to carry that designation. That makes Astoria's medical facility the first destination for emergency transports when people are severely injured.

Astoria, Warrenton, and Seaside each host a community celebration of our nation’s Independence Day. 

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