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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded a $6.2 million contract to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to operate and maintain the Bonneville Fish Hatchery, on the Columbia River. The firm-fixed contract is for one year, with two consecutive option years, if exercised, in-order-to produce fall Chinook to aid in mitigation obligations for The Dalles and John Day dams.

In the contract, the Corps will furnish the hatchery facility, including all land, buildings, most structures and permanently fixed equipment. ODFW will provide all personnel, tools, materials, vehicles, abatement pond, supervision and other items and services necessary to operate and maintain the hatchery.

"We've had contracts or cooperative agreements with ODFW for many years and expect that they will continue to provide juvenile chinook that meets expectations for our John Day Mitigation responsibilities," said Tammy Mackey, Portland District Fish Section chief.

Earlier this year, the Corps awarded contracts to ODFW to operate four Willamette Valley hatcheries and the Cole M. Rivers hatchery in the Rogue River Basin. Those contracts went into effect Sept. 1, and include services such as fish production and release, marking and tagging of fish, and fish health services.

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