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CORRECTION: According to City Planner Nancy Ferber there was an error in the public meeting notice that included Astoria East End Mini Mart's tax lots in the design review for Dollar General's proposed new store. Owner Don Patterson has confirmed his business is not involved. Ferber says it's possible the hearing will need to be noticed afresh as a result of the error.



Dollar General is in the early stages of establishing a new store in Astoria. It would be built on land adjacent to Mill Pond Village where Astoria Automotive Supply and TP Freight are currently located.

Because the property lays within the Gateway and Greenway Overlay Zone plan areas, the store design comes under review with a public hearing scheduled for August 3rd before the city Design Review Committee at 5:30 pm. The meeting will be held at City Hall.


For the Astoria project, Cross Development Manager Mike Stults is named as the person bringing the store design before the city Design Review Committee.

Cross Development is a leading developer of single-tenant commercial properties and claims to have been directly involved in over a half billion dollars in real estate transactions and has worked with brands like Subway, Kohls. Star Bucks, and Chase Bank in addition to developing previous locations for Dollar General

Dollar General stores are a big player in the small-box retail business that began with a single wholesale store during the 1930's that switched to retail. The first Dollar General store branded with that name opened in Springfield, Ky in 1955 with the idea that no single item would cost more than one dollar. Today Dollar General is a leading discount seller with over 13,000 stores in 43 states. According to the company, today about a quarter of the items they carry still sell for one dollar or less.

In the first quarter of 2017, Dollar General spent 50 million for improvements, upgrades, remodels and relocations of the exisiting stores and another 35 million related to new leased stores for leasehold improvements, fixtures, and equipment.

The company is continuing to expand. In April of this year (2017) the company received Federal Trade Commission approved the acquisition of 323 Dollar Express stores in 36 states. Dollar Express emerged in 2015 when Dollar Tree divested in order to assuage Federal Trade Commission antitrust concerns related to Dollar Tree's $8.5 acquisition of rival Family Dollar.

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