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An accused drug dealer and his partner attempted to escape capture and throw evidence over the side of the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport as police were giving chase Tuesday night.

   29 year-old Jesse Telmer of Siletz was stopped for a traffic violation by a Newport Police Officer at 10:30 Tuesday night. As the officer was writing the citation, another officer with a drug sniffing dog pulled up.  Telmer reacted to the dog showing up by starting his car and speeding away heading south with police not far behind. 

  A passenger in Telmer’s car, 23 year-old Sidney Meyers of Newport was seen attempting to throw a dark colored box out the passenger window and over the side of the bridge spanning Yaquina Bay.  He missed.  The box hit a support beam and bounced back into the roadway where it was recovered by authorities who discovered it contained a large amount of heroin.

The chase continued with Lincoln County Sheriffs deputies, Toledo police, and Oregon State Police joining Newport police trying to stop Telmer who turned off highway 101 onto a side road where Toledo police laid out spike strips.  Telmer and Meyers were taken into custody.

A search of the car and the suspects turned up a large amount of cash and additional drug paraphernalia along with multiple firearms.  Both suspects were lodged in the Lincoln County Jail on multiple charges.

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