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The Astoria City Council got a close-up look at the new fire trucks the city has purchased to replace aging equipment.  Fire Chief Ted Ames, who Mayor Arline LaMear called a "proud papa", and department drivers brought the new ladder truck and the new pumper truck down to city hall Monday night.


   Astoria's shiny new high capacity pumper truck spotted outside city hall for a show and tell session Monday night.


  The star of the show... The new ladder truck can reach up 55 feet with a high pressure water cannon mounted at the top. The ladder is beefy enough to hang a specially designed stretcher from hook eyes mounted at the top of the extendable ladder that makes it possible to perform rescues the old truck could not.  

  Mayor LaMear (back to camera)tells councilor Bruce Jones the driver's cabin looks a little like a space ship inside.  "Proud Papa" Fire Chief Ted Ames (in uniform) oversees the show and tell session.


 A view of the driver's cabin on board Astoria's new ladder truck.



  City Councilor Bruce Jones tries out the ride in the crew cabin on board Astoria's new ladder truck





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