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New rules for accessory dwelling units (ADU) are back before the Astoria City Council tonight.   In an attempt to address the town’s housing shortage, Community Development has suggested several different approaches and changing the rules on allowing people to build more living space on a standard residential lot is one of those ideas.  In response to comments from the public and the city council at the previous public hearing this new ADU plan has some changes.

-Removes tiny homes as a permitted ADU after council consensus that more work is required before tiny homes should be considered for Astoria.

-Clarifies allowance for one ADU per single family lot and per main dwelling

-After effective date of adoption new ADU’s may not be used for home stay dwellings. Those already in operation are grandfathered as a legal non-conforming use.

-Corner lots may only add an ADU to the side or rear of the lot.

-Parking is required on both sides of the street to be eligible for a parking credit.

The council is expected to reopen the public hearing on the new rules tonight.

The Astoria City Council meets Monday night at 7:00.

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