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Mark Kujala has the singular distinction of being the first Mayor to be elected by popular vote in Warrenton and to have served a previous term as Mayor by appointment by his fellow commissioners.

In his 12 years serving the city he has played an important role in leading his city with an even temper and consideration for the people he works with and the people of the town.

Kujala saved his surprise announcement for the every end of the Tuesday regular meeting because he said he did not wish to take away attention from the matters on the agenda.

In making his announcement he said he was resigning to devote more time to family stating that he and his wife talked a great deal about the decision.  He pointed out that when he first ran for the city commission he was single and had some time on his hands, but that situation has changed.

Talking with KAST News, Kujala said that the needs of his business, Skipanon Brand Seafood, require more of his time as well.

It will be up to the commissioners as to how to proceed. Based on the city charter and legal advice, City Manager Linda Engbretson told KAST News that the commission will have the flexibility to choose one of their own number to take over the Mayor’s position for the remainder of the term that ends December 31, 2018 and then appoint an applicant from the community to take over that commissioner’s position, or they could take applications from the community for the Mayor’s position.  That decision will likely be discussed in more detail on Kujala’s last commission meeting on March 28.

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