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The Oregon School Boards Association has conducted a poll on how Oregon voters think schools should be paid for.  The telephone survey results released Monday afternoon says those who responded put education funding as their number one concern and say they would be willing to pay increased taxes to support K-12 education. The poll results indicated that those surveyed would support a measure to tax businesses more and calls for full funding for the next two years.
Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli, of John Day, released the following statement in response:
"It comes as no surprise to me that the Oregon School Boards Association has commissioned a poll that categorically demonstrates Oregonians would support higher taxes dedicated to funding K-12. The poll was constructed to create the view among voters that raising corporate taxes to 40 percent of the state's revenue would be fair and reasonable. I'm betting that no one told the participants that the tax increase would constitute a six-fold increase in corporate taxes, resulting in higher consumer costs. The real takeaway in this poll is that Oregonians need to see spending reform before trusting government with new taxes."
State Sen. Brian Boquist, R-Dallas, added:
"Seventy percent of Oregonians supported Measure 97 at the beginning... it failed. This is what happens when you use a push poll to try to make a preconceived case instead for blind tax hikes." 

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