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Comparing unemployment rates along the North Coast, Clatsop County comes in at 4.2% while Lincoln, Tillamook and Columbia Counties report January seasonally adjusted rates higher.  Bigger picture though demonstrates that all North Coast Counties are showing lower rates of those collecting unemployment than a year ago.

It's important to note that the rates reflected in state reports are based on the number of people on unemployment and does not necessarily account for those who have left the workforce for one reason or another, or those whose unemployment insurance has run out and therefore not considered in formulating the rate.

The Oregon Employment Department does offer some insights regarding how different industries are gaining or losing workers.  In Clatsop County the Employment Department Regional Economist Erik Knoder writes that employment was slightly higher than expected based on previous years with a gain of 20 jobs in January. Compared to 2016 at this time, Clatsop employers in the non-farm sector have put 400 more people to work.  That represents a 2.3% growth in employment.  Most of those jobs came in retail trade.  Overall, the private sector added 300 jobs and government added 100.

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