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Clatsop Economic Development Resources (CEDR) had a banner year according to Executive Director Kevin Leahy who issued the organization annual report Thursday.  The report covers business support activities for CEDR and the Clatsop Community College Small Business Development Center (SBDC) which are linked in terms of providing training and business counseling services. Leahy serves as the Director for both.

The report states 145 clients benefited from over one thousand hours of counseling in 2016. 56 long term clients recieved five or more hours of advising and the organizations have held 45 training events covering a wide variety of practical business skills and practices. 88 total jobs were created and 88 retained in 2016. Nine new businesses started up in the county as a result of assistance. CEDR helps find capital and capital formation efforts in 2016 resulted in over $500,000.

CEDR in cooperation with the local WorkSource Oregon office perform major community outreach with a well-attended Job Fair at the Clatsop County Fairgrounds.  Last year the Clatsop County High School Career and Job Fair focused attention entirely on local kids. Over 600 from local high schools attended last April with 68 employers on site.

This year, while the morning hours will once again be devoted to high school students, the event has been expanded to include a separate afternoon session for adults. This year the Job fair will be held on February 22nd at the fair grounds. The adult job seeker session will run from 2:00 pm to 4:00pm.

(Complete 2016 report follows)

Clatsop Community College Small Business Development Center Results

2016 performance recap:                                                                 
Counseling Clients:
Counseling Hours: 1013
Long Term Client: 56 (5+Hours of advising)
Training Events: 45
Training Attendees: 320
Total Jobs Created: 83. Jobs Retained. 88. 
Capital Formation: $532,114.00
Business Starts: 9
 -In 2016, David Reid took over as the lead advisor for the CCC SBDC, and has had a significant impact to our Center this past year. In addition, David traveled to Orlando, Florida for the national SBDC conference in September, which served as a tremendous professional development opportunity for David. and he shared the tools of the conference with the entire staff.
-Walt Postlewait, Executive Vice-President for Craft 3, joined our team as the CCC SBDC Small Business Management Program Manager in September. This program has been a key component of our small business program for over 30 years, and we are so excited that someone with Walt's business experience and acumen has joined us to serve the small business community!
-Bill Musemeche, Sally Lemond and Mark Redwine continue to serve us as part-time SBDC advisors, funded in part by the generous contributions of the business community through CEDR membership, as we provide FREE and CONFIDENTIAL advising while paying our advisors.
-Jorge Gutierrez also continues to serve as a part-time SBDC advisor serving the Hispanic clients in Clatsop County. Jorge and I attended an all day training workshop in November at Clackamas Community College that covered Best Practices for serving this very important growing Hispanic population.
-Tammy Lambert joined us in July after the retirement ofPenny Rogers, who served the college and CEDR/SBDC so well over her many years at the college, and we wish her well on her retirement. We are very thankful for Tammy's upbeat and can do personality, while also bringing her institutional knowledge of the college process and culture to South County CCC/CEDR. 
-Our 2016-17 signature CCC SBDC SBM (Small Business Management) Class has 12 businesses enrolled, and 14 attendees.
-We were so honored to have Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici present our 2015-16  Small Business Management Program businesses with completion certificates at the June 2nd"graduation" held at the CCC/CEDR South County Center in Seaside.
-We will be hosting four of our sister SBDC centers at regional training in Astoria this Spring.
Highlights of 2016:
-CEDR Awards Event March, 2016  CEDR county-wide business awards event at the Loft at the Red Building in Astoria with over 180 business and community leaders in attendance. Ten awards were given out to businesses from throughout Clatsop County. CEDR co-founder and past President Skip Hauke was given a special service award from Senator Betsy Johnson for his years of service to CEDR, which continues to this day.
2017 event will be held on Wednesday, March 22nd, at the Seaside Convention Center. Save the Date! Starts at 5:30 PM.
-CEDR and the local WorkSource Oregon office spearheaded the Clatsop County High School Career & Job Fair at the Clatsop County Fairgrounds on April 5th with 68 employers participating, and over 600 students. Also raised over $7,400 from businesses and the school districts to feed the kid's lunch. Plans are to expand this for next year to include a career & job fair for the adult job seekers in the afternoon after the high schools have departed.
For 2017, the Clatsop Job & Career Fair has been moved up toFebruary 22nd to accommodate the  hiring needs of the business community. Seven high schools will be participating this year, including Ilwaco and Naselle High School, with 715 students coming. 
The event has ALSO been extended to include a 2:00-4:00 pmadult job seeker portion, including our CCC students. Many volunteers work to make this happen! 
And additional funding was secured to cover expenses from the business community, and the Clatsop County School Superintendents. Thank you!
-CEDR and Col-Pac have been spearheading an Affordable/Available Housing Task Force for Clatsop County, with public and private partners. The focus now is project-based, with the participation of the Governors Regional Solutions Team, CEDR, and the entities the project falls under geographical boundaries. 
All elected officials and our government partners in Clatsop County and the state of Oregon need to be committed to addressing this problem, and work together on solutions. 
Progress is coming.
AMCCO (Astoria Marine Construction Company)
Clatsop County and CEDR have been partners for years in trying to find a solution to the environmental issues facing AMCCO. 
DEQ responded on September 29th to the CEDR boards earlier letter, and approved a five year delay of the cleanup, acknowledging the extreme hardship this will create for our local fishing fleet and others if AMCCO is forced to close. 
While this was very positive news, the solutions are very complex and expensive, but we will continue to work together to find a hopeful short and long-term solution. 
-CFEDC (Clatsop Forestry Economic Development Committee). I serve as Chairman of this committee. We updated the County Commissioners at the June  commission meeting the importance of this sector in our regional economy.  $23.5M has been distributed from Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) to Clatsop County from timber harvests this year, which directly funds schools, law enforcement, roads, Clatsop Community College, and much more. 
The 26th annual leader's tour was held on Wednesday, October 5th, with one of the largest participation of citizens and leaders in its history.  
This sector continues to be 30% of our economic base.
-Clatsop Community College Strategic Plan.
 Under the leadership of CCC President Chris Breitmeyer, I have been assigned the role of "External Chair" for Clatsop Community College's strategic plan, working with the business community and leaders in the community to ascertain the current and future needs and programs needed for the economic and educational growth of our region. JoAnn Zahn, VP of Operations, serves as "Internal Chair" for the project. We are leading meetings gathering data and information, which will be reviewed with the college board, who will set the direction with our input and involvement as a campus community, and the community at large.
-S.T.E.M Partnership.
I serve as the business voice on the Northwest Regional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) partnership, a cross-section group of individuals & School Districts in Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook and western Washington counties. The purpose of the group is to determine regional priorities and action planning for STEM and CTE (Career Technical Education) education that will grow economic development in our region. We have held several very productive meetings, with results forthcoming in 2017-18.
-Fishing/Seafood Processing. CEDR is working with OSU Extension and key employers in this sector to form a committee similar to the CFEDC committee to showcase the importance of the seafood and seafood processing industry to our regional economy. We hope to have a "Leaders Tour" this Spring.
-OSU ECAN Committee. (Extension Citizens Advisory Committee.)
I was honored to be selected to represent Clatsop County as a member of the OSU Extension Citizens Advisory Committee, and also serve on the steering committee representing the entire Oregon Coast. I will report on the OSU legislative days I will be attending in Salem on March 1st and March 2nd in my next update, and plan to be a vocal advocate for our rural region.
 -CEDR Private Sector Membership Initiative. 68 private sector partners. This continues to grow. We appreciate the business community financial support here, which directly funds the FREE and CONFIDENTIAL support provided by the Clatsop Community College Small Business Development Center and the many workshops, as well as the CCC SBDC Small Business Management program.

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