Let's put aside the relentless sameness of national politics for just a moment and focus some attention now on the important stuff.  

The relentless sameness of local politics.

In Astoria, politics isn't about jobs.  It's about quality of life.  Don't try to bring industry to Astoria.  For goodness sakes don't do anything to make traffic worse than it already is!  It takes a person 10 minutes to get through town on an average day when it used to take about 7 minutes!  So, as you can clearly see, things are at a tipping point. here.  This seems to be the position of about three-quarters of the elected leadership of this fair city who spend a great deal of time focused on.....Well honestly, I know not what.  But they are passionate about it.

That's not to say that some good things do happen here. Don't you love the fact the city is working toward a greenspace in almost the middle of the town?  The old Safeway store was a blight and that block of what might be prime commercial real estate is home to an ultra-modern concept garden with a nod to historical chinese culture.  It's nice but not enough. The entire block will become some kind of park-like venue in which the city will attempt to pay homage to other ethnic groups that have contributed to what Astoria has become; a city with 200 families homeless and a population of hundreds more from all walks of life that would starve to death unless that monthly box from the foodbank is available. 

A proud moment to be sure.

How did we come to be in this state of affairs?

We voted for it.  Those that voted.

That's the whole point really.  The old saying, "people get the government they deserve", is quite true.  


Northwest Lending Group