When Doris Queener got up at the last Astoria City Council meeting to ask specific questions about the hiring process for a new city manager there were not many answers. It was a little painful to watch.

As the Astoria resident pointed out, the city manager is a very powerful position and, to be concerned about that process is appropriate. Government is supposed to be deliberative and the city council is taking it's time with this decision. Queener's interrogation could have been handled with a very simple "we're not there yet".

With Mayor Van Dusen excused from the meeting the city council had no one in a leadership role. That's telling all by itself.

At the time I was having some trouble trying to figure out what councilor Herzig was up to. He was making things worse, making the waters even muddier every time he opened his mouth. Karen Mellin and Russ Warr responded with very little, or nothing at all.

Come on guys. We aren't there yet.


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