Businesses reported that almost half (48%) of Oregon's job vacancies in 2013 were "difficult to fill," according to a new report from the Oregon Employment Department.

The most common reasons employers cited for difficulty filling positions were:

Lack of qualified candidates (24%)
Lack of applicants (23%)
Unfavorable working conditions (17%)
Low wages (11%)
Lack of work experience (9%)

Employers are looking for the right combination of education and experience for unique roles within their companies. This may mean a tougher training challenge than if companies were looking for a large number of employees with essentiallyidentical skills.
Employers had a harder time filling positions requiring postsecondary training, but not a college degree.
Mid- and high-wage jobs are more challenging to fill than low-wage ones. As wages rise, responses citing a lack of qualified candidates account for a greater share, topping out at more than half of the responses for jobs paying more than $25 per hour.
Small employers - those with 2 to 19 employees - had the most difficulty filling positions.
Employers in Northwest Oregon and the Willamette Valley, and in Eastern Oregon, had the most difficulty filling jobs. Portland area employers had the least difficulty.

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