The final decision is up to the court but it seems likely the next Clatsop County election date of September 16th will be used to fix a problem with the May 20th Primary.

 It According to county officials it seems redrawing the district lines following the last census led to some "squiggly lines" that made it difficult to easily determine which voters should be in which district.   Kast News talked Wednesday with Clatsop County Clerk Maeve Kennedy Grimes who said after corrections were made there were some 490 ballots involved that either should have had the district five race on them or not.

 Oregon law provides a remedy for such issues which involved the county challenging its own election and petitioning the court to decide if another election should be held and when that election should take place.  One key to that decision is the number of votes involved.  In this case it is significant since the two candidates in question were separated by less than 100 votes.  The next scheduled election date is September 16th and Grimes says she anticipates the court will order the race added to that ballot for county district five.

The two candidates are Lianne Thompson and Dale Barrett.  

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