Astoria city councilors Drew Herzig and Russ Warr want the city to pick up the cost of increases in sewer surcharge rates set to hit citizens next year using money from a $300,000 timber sale the council approved Monday night. The city manager prefers to apply that money to an upcoming sewer project. The item is likely to see more council discussion.

Astoria is building a hydro electric project at the city owned watershed after approval of the plan by the council Monday night. The project will now go out to bid. Power from the project will be used for the water treatment facility saving the city about $9,000 a year.

Katherine Fuller told the Astoria city council Monday evening that living next to the Goonie House comes with some consequences. The shooting location for the cult classic attracts thousands every year. Fuller asked the council to consider building a foot path and a landing where tourists could take pictures and enjoy the experience while keeping the public away from the narrow gravel driveway that provides the only access to the hillside homes at present.

The Shipyard bar and Grill has a new owner and gets a new name. Marvin Sawyer got a thumbs up for a new liquor license to operate what will become the Port of Call.


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