It's the Port Of Astoria..of course.

The south county mayors responded to an editorial this month that suggested they step up and call for a total reorganization of the port by issuing a sternly worded letter to the editor.  South county cities have been critical of the Port of Astoria as long as I've lived here.  34 years ago it was about the Port not contributing anything cities outside of Astoria and Warrenton consider significant for the tax dollars they pay down there. That hasn't changed.   I'm pretty sure some of the people who live in Gearhart, Seaside and Cannon Beach are employed by businesses that occupy port leases, or are associated with cruise tours, or log handling..etc..The port does generate a few jobs around here.  Not as many as we would like, of course.

I suppose if the Port made it a point to talk to those cities once in a while it might help, but then the port rarely talks to anybody other than amongst themselves.

I have to admit that I've made the same observation that the newspaper publisher made recently.  I've noticed that with the port it doesn't seem to matter who is running the staff, or who is on the commission.  There have been good business people on the commission in the past. We have people, although less of them now, on the commission right now with lots of related experience in areas that should be valuable but only seems to bog things down.  They can't make a decision.  They spend more time dealing with bad press like an addict in denial rather than governance.

The only reason I hesitate to jump on the bandwagon calling for the Governor to step in is I'm not sure he can fix it.  There's one more reason.  History.

The port has been in this tailspin forever.  They appear to stumble from one disaster to the next in an endless string of mis-steps and yet here they are.  

It's amazing, really.

The next disaster waiting to happen will come with the appointment of replacement commissioners.  Who would want the job?



Northwest Lending Group