Three of six community forums have been scheduled for next week as phase two of the Seaside 2034 visioning project gets underway for the City of Seaside.

The sessions come on the heels of a two-month surveying process conducted by the City's visioning project committee. As part of the four surveys – designed for community, visitors and Seaside youth – six topics were deemed most important to the more than 500 respondents. The six topics, listed in order of highest importance to those completing surveys, are Public Safety, Family Features, Business Development, Environment, Arts & Culture and Parks & Outdoor Recreation.

One Seaside City Councilor has been placed in charge of each of the six topics, with each councilor partnering with a local community member that expressed interest in being involved with the process. The first of the six meetings will be a combined meeting led by councilors Don Johnson and Dana Phillips, who believed teaming up on Public Safety and Parks & Outdoor Recreation was something they were interested in tackling. The session is scheduled for next Wednesday, May 28 at 3 p.m. at the Seaside Public Library. A second meeting, led by Councilor Randy Frank, focused on Business Development, is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. that same day at Seaside City Hall.

The project team hopes to have all six discussion forums completed by mid-June. A town hall, where community members will be invited to discuss anything to do with the future of Seaside, will likely be scheduled for late June.

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