Ballots are going out for the May 20th primary election next week so we have an other opportunity to make some changes in Clatsop County government.   The winners will be those that knock on the most doors and avoid political poison.  It's just that simple.

 Knock on more doors, put up more signs, accept every invitation without fail.  There's one more thing you need.  Voters need to like you.  They need to think you care about the same things, but the one item that separates winners from losers is just whether or not you are a person other people like.   


The most ingenious campaign advertisement I've ever seen comes from the Dr. Monica Wehby camp.  They just introduced it this week and it's not about issues.  It's not an attack ad.  It's an ad that tells the story of how Dr. Wehby saved the life of a baby told by the mother of that child.  It's real.  It pulls at the heart strings. It demonstrates Wehby's compassion and how much trust she generates.   The ad is a slam dunk no matter who you are.  I'd vote for her for anything after watching that.  

It's refreshing to see this in a campaign.  Especially a Republican campaign.  People want to hear about the candidate's ideas on job creation, a growing economy, support for or against the right social issues but if the candidate can't generate trust in the electorate it's all just white noise with every candidate saying the same things, supporting the same issues in a vague sort of way and in the end when it comes down to making a choice with ballot in hand, often people just vote for a name. Because it all sounds the same when you try to pin down issue positions while the candidate really needs to avoiding anything specific in terms of the steps they will take to resolve the issue.

We know we need more and better jobs here.  We know we need to provide good educational services, support public safety and keep our infrastructure in reasonable shape.  We know all that. Tell me why I should trust you.  Show me a person I can like and then can respect. 

Help voters make the best choice.

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