At 83 Richard Donner says he is ready now to bring a sequel to his 80's cult classic back to the big screen.  Filmed principally in Astoria, 1985's  "The Goonies" still draws fans to the town who want to see the "Goonies House" and tour the old county jail used in the openning scenes of the film.  That old jail has since been taken over by the Clatsop County Historical Society and turned into a museum that celebrates Oregon films.  The museum features a large collection of  "Goonies" memorabilia contributed through the years.  The film is celebrated annually here, sometimes unofficially.

The latest rumors regarding a sequel started to circulate rapidly this week after Donner was asked about the possibility.  It's said Donner confirmed that sequel is in the works and, depending obn which source you read, he has either contracted with some of the original stars from the film, or hopes to do so soon.  In either case he insists it's going to happen.  Donner hasn't directed since 2006 but he owns a active film production company that has been producing the X Men films.  Since that interview was broadcast on TMZ, the story has been picked up around the world.  If Donner was just testing the waters, it appears the idea has fans excited and ready to relive the adventure.

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