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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Clatsop County Board of Commissioners honored District Attorney Josh Marquis for 20 years of service to the county.  Board Chair Scott Lee presented Marquis with a certificate of appreciation at the board's March 26 meeting.

Marquis was appointed to the office March 9, 1994 by then-Gov. Barbara Roberts to take the place of former District Attorney Julie Ann Leonhardt who stood trial  in 1993 on charges that she fabricated a drug indictment against two police officers and tried to dismiss a traffic citation given to her husband. Following Leonhardt's conviction on multiple charges Gov. Roberts appointed Marquis to fill the remainer of the term.  Marquis was elected to the position in November of that year, and re-elected four times since.

Marquis is a former president of the Oregon District Attorneys Association and has represented the state on the National District Attorneys Association, and has also served on the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission and American Bar Association's Criminal Justice Leadership Council.  Recognized nationwide as a proponent of the death penalty and a legal expert on that topic, Marquis has often been called upon to speak on the topic.

He has also been an advocate for stronger laws against animal abuse, both at the Oregon Legislature and through his involvement with the Animal Legal Defense Fund and the Humane Society National Law Enforcement Council. Marquis had prosecuted extreme animal collector Vicki Kittles and that expereience led to changes in the laws regarding animal abuse and a heighten awareness of the issue throughout the country.

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