It took several different police agencies and the public's help Wednesday to catch up with a Washington fugitive who had been discovered hiding in Astoria.  The man is identified as 52-year-old Roy Shaw, who was wanted out of two jurisdictions in Washington for the sale of narcotics and felony assault. The Astoria police, acting on information that Shaw might be hiding out in a motel in town, began an investigation and discovered a car with Washington plates registered out of Kelso parked at 3rd and Marine.  The investigating officer approached the car and noticed that Shaw was the passenger. The officer ordered Shaw out of the vehicle but instead the driver, later identified as 29-year-old Christina Hardesty was ordered by Shaw to drive away.  

That began a car chase over several Astoria streets until the car emerged back on the highway and made for the Astoria Meglar bridge.  The Astoria officer continued to chase the car across the bridge at speeds aproaching 105 miles per hour.  Fearing there could be children in the vehicle police slowed the pursuit.  Pacific County Sheriff's Department and Washington State Patrol were notified and asked to render assistance.  Those responding units had to travel some distance to reach the area of the pursuit that by that time was heading up Washington State route 401.  Hardesty continued at high speed and Astoria Police united broke off trhe pursuit.  The fugitive car was later discovered abandoned in a turn-out on the highway with the engine running.  

By the time the car was found Hardesty and Shaw were gone.  Deputies from Pacific County, Wahkiakum County, State Patrol, a Federal Officer from the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge and agents from the Washington department of Fish and Wildlife were all involved in searching for Shaw.  Hardesty was found walking down the highway.  Several hours later Police got a tip that a man was seen hitch hiking on the highway.  The man was covered in mud.  Police caught up with the man, who was Shaw, and took him into custody without further incident. 

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