The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) invites public comment on district operation plans and conservation areas in state-owned forests, which includes the Clatsop State Forest.


Starting today through 5 p.m., May 2, 2014, the public can weigh in on ODF district activities, called Annual Operations Plans (AOPs), and conservation and special-use areas in state-owned forests.

Annual Operations Plans describe specific activities during a fiscal year, such as timber sales and reforestation, road building, stream enhancement and recreation projects in state forests for nine ODF districts. The draft annual operations plans are available for review at district offices and posted online at:CLICK HERE

After the comment period closes, each district will review comments and finalize draft AOPs for the respective District Forester to review and approve.

The comment period also seeks input on implementing existing high value conservation areas (HVCAs) and special-use areas. The Board of Forestry approved the HVCA designation in June 2013 to more clearly identify conservation measures, under the current forest management plan, involving resources such as fish and wildlife habitat, streamside areas, and threatened and endangered plants on state forestland.

The decision reclassified areas once known as special stewardship areas to "high value conservation areas" or "special use areas." Special use areas are designated to show where forest management is influenced by cultural or historic resources, recreation areas, public safety hazards, or transmission lines to name a few.

After public comment is received, each district will review comments and finalize draft HVCA and special use areas for the State Forester to review and approve.

>Public Comment Details

Comments on AOP activities are most helpful when focusing on enhancing consistency among plans, improving efficiency, and providing new information.

Conservation and special use areas currently exist in state forests, although they are now collectively identified as special stewardship areas. This comment period seeks feedback on implementing the division of these areas to high value conservation or special use under the current forest management plan, and in accordance with the associated Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR 629-035-0030).

ODF will hold a series of open houses showcasing high value conservation areas, where comment can also be provided through hard copy or online:

>March 17: Forest Grove ODF District Office: 6-8pm, 801 Gales Creek Road, Forest Grove
>March 20: Astoria ODF District Office: 6-8pm, 92219 Hwy 202, Astoria
>March 22: Tillamook District Office: 10am-noon, 5005 3rd Street, Tillamook

All state-owned public forests are actively managed as working forests under long-term forest management plans adopted by the Board of Forestry to provide economic, environmental and social benefits to Oregonians.

Comments can be mailed or e-mailed to: Public Affairs Office - Attn: Tony Andersen, Oregon Department of Forestry, 2600 State St., Salem, OR 97310. Phone:503-945-7427 office, Fax: 503-945-7212, or email: CLICK HERE

Or conveniently submit comments online:CLICK HERE.

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