Rules adopted in 2013 create new restrictions

At the area along the Columbia River known as "Jones Beach" - between River Miles 46.0 and 48.0, north of Front Road - two new restrictions are in effect:


1. The beach is closed for all uses between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., daily throughout the year.

2. All-terrain vehicles, as defined in state law (ORS 801.190-194), are prohibited.

Exceptions are listed in OAR 141-088-0190 (government-owned vehicles on official business; street-legal class II all-terrain vehicles during open use hours; public and private vehicles performing company business; vehicles involved in rescue or emergency activities; district-authorized persons and landowners inspecting or maintaining levees and fences).

Jones Beach is under the jurisdiction of the State Land Board and Department of State Lands. The board adopted the new rules in 2013 in response to comments from nearby property owners and local law enforcement about illegal activities and habitat damage from vehicles.

The Department will install signs beginning March 14, informing the public of the new restrictions. Violators are subject to citation for criminal trespass and other penalties.

Northwest Lending Group