Nestled between the Northern California communities of Berkley and Alameda is the small , mostly residental town of Piedmont.  The Mayor of that community announced Tuesday night that the town is in negotiations with Astoria City Manager Paul Benoit to take their city administrator position.  Benoit had said he was a finalist for two positions in the Golden State but declined to identify them saying it would be more appropriate for that announcement to come from those cities.

 The area should be very familiar territory for Benoit because between stints working for Astoria he had worked for the nearby city of Alameda first in community development then he was promoted to Assistant City Manager.  

Piedmont boasts about 10,000 residents, much like Astoria, but lacks a large commercial center.  Most of the town is composed of single family homes and fills the need for a bedroom community for Oakland, the city surrounding Piedmont from all sides.  With negotiations underway it's not known exactlywhen Benoit will leaving his Astoria job but he had told KAST News he was thinking he would have at a March first start date in his new position.

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