The Clatsop County Commission has persued restrictions on smoking in and around county property with great determination and now may suggest smoking bans under consideration by State Parks may need to go further.  The commissioners Wednesday will consider sending a strong letter of support to the state and takes the proposed rulemaking further by stating :

"In addition to the proposed rulemaking, Clatsop County's recommendations are:
 Include ocean shore Recreation Areas
 Include overnight campsites and camping areas
 Define tobacco products to include all cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, and any lit smoking device.
 In communications regarding the new rules, emphasize that they promote healthy lifestyles as well as reduce litter and protect natural resources."


In the letter prepared by staff for the commissioners it is pointed out that,  "Within Clatsop County, these rules would impact Fort Stevens, Oswald West, and Ecola State Parks; Saddle Mountain Natural Area; and six State Recreation Areas on our shores. Further restricting tobacco use at the state parks aligns with the county's tobacco-free ordinances for all county worksite properties and a tobacco-free county fairground."

The revised smoking rules under consideration by the state of Oregon for state parks and recreational areas would allow  "Smoking tobacco products except:in any areas where the Oregon Indoor Clean Air Act, ORS 433.835
to 433.875; prohibits smoking" And with some restrictions would also allow smoking:

(A) in personal vehicles and camping units;

(B) in designated campsites in developed overnight camping areas, unless temporarily suspended by the
park manager due to high fire hazard conditions; and

(C) where permitted by the park manager for personal use by a member of a federally recognized Oregon
tribe as part of their traditional religious, medicinal, or other customary cultural heritage practices

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