Astoria School District has been engaged in a collaborative partnership with Columbia Memorial Hospital, the City of Astoria, and Recology Western Oregon concerning the development of a new athletic complex located on Williamsport Road.  Work is expected to begin in January with an anticipated opening for fall 2014.  Astoria School District will host two open houses for viewing of the field complex designs.  The sessions are scheduled for December 17 & 19, 6:00 – 7:00 P.M. in the 3rd floor boardroom at Gray School.  Monday the Astoria City Council will consider a four party agreement that will formalize the colaboration between several different entities.

The agreement sets a framework for the City's participation in the redevelopment of the landfill site into a sports complex for the Astoria School District.  The deal involves four different projects. one of those will allow for the expansion of Columbia Memorial Hospital into an area that will roughly double it's footprint taking over the Gyro Field and Warren Stadium, practice field and the district bus barn in addionto property adjacent to the barn where a duplex apartment building now stands.

Under the agreement and with the construction of the new sports complex the city will meet DEQ requirements for the old landfill closure off Westport road. In fact the city will exceed requirements in that closure.  Recology/Western oregon Waste operates the garbage transfer and recycling facility next to the old landfill and with the completion of the sports complex will have a new paved road, new water services and the opportunity to hook up to the city sewer for the first time.  The schools district will gain a new $7.1 million all-weather sports facility which they are already planning to market for events beyond those the school district would ordinarily host.

The city will pay about $571,000 to complete the landfill closure.  That's half of what it would have cost according to estimates if CMH were not paying for the sports complex.  The artificial turf field is viewed as the perfect landfill cap system.  The city will recover it's costs through charging a tipping fee for garbage dumped at the transfer station which comes from all over the county along with revenue associated with the land lease to Recology/WOW.