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Friday, March 27, 2015

Each year some very good local people work hard to make sure every child in Clatsop County has a Christmas but they depend on donations to make that happen.  This year the Seaside Rotary Club is working with the RED Bell wishing tree program and Toys for Tots because that organization makes sure toys donated locally stay in Clatsop County.  There will be one change that some people might miss.  According to a news release issued today the Rotary says they are responding to one important concerns that parents have expressed. "The Seaside Rotary Club has announced there will not be a community gift-wrapping party at the Seaside Convention Center this year. We have found that parents/relatives want to know what their children are being given for gifts, so this year the gifts will be placed in a bag for each child, unwrapped. Parents will be able to then wrap the gift with gift wrap that will be provided in the bag along with the gifts."

Please look for the "RED WISHING TREE BELL" (Red Bells are for the Seaside/Gearhart Area) that are located at all Seaside Banks, Providence Seaside Hospital, Sunset Parks & Recreation Swimming Pool,  the Wine & Beer Haus at the Seaside Outlet Mall, and the Osh Kosh store at the Seaside Outlet Mall. Deadline is Monday, December 16th to return the "RED WISHING TREE BELL" attached to the gift purchased.

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