Astoria Police hope to view video from security cameras monitoring the U.S. Bank parking lot Saturday to track down the culprit responsible for making off with an eight foot decorative candy cane stolen as crews worked to decorate downtown streets over the weekend.   The annual effort to light up Astoria for the holidays is all volunteer and the various decorations put up by the "Christmas Club" are not cheap to replace.  According to Deputy Police Chief Brad Johnston the crew layed out the candy cane decorations between 8:30am and 11:30am Saturday morning.  When it came time to hang them it was discovered that one was taken.  Workers were able to follow a trail of tatered bits of the decoration to the parking lot at the U.S. bank where the trail disappeared.   According to facebook postings the bank will have to decide whether or not to share footage from the security cameras from Saturday morning.  Police hope to catch a picture of someone with the decoration.

Meanwhile, crews continued hanging the lights and decorations that will be lit up this coming Saturday in the annual town lighting ceremonies.

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