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Thursday, March 26, 2015

OSU Extension Clatsop County celebrated its 25th Annual OSU Master Gardener graduation with the graduation of 11 new OSU Master Gardeners at a ceremony on November 21.  To qualify for the Master Gardener designation, participants were required to complete 60 hours of training and 60 hours of volunteer time.   Activities included staffing plant clinics at the Astoria Sunday Market, the River People Farmers Market, and the Clatsop County Fair; supporting the annual Spring into Gardening seminar; and maintaining the Master Gardener demonstration garden at the Fairgrounds.  In addition, 46 people were recertified as OSU Master Gardeners.  

The 11 new OSU Master Gardeners™ are: Shad Balzano, Nancy Bosse, Cheryl Capellen, Cody Carpenter, Trudy Enke, Stacey Hall, Will Harper, Roberta Muehlberg, Debbie Steier, Pamela Trenary and Susan Widawski.

The OSU Master Gardener™ program is an Oregon State University Extension Service program that helps Oregon gardeners learn more about the art and science of growing and caring for plants. It also enables these trained volunteers to extend sustainable gardening information to their communities through educational outreach programs.  The next Clatsop County Master Gardener classes begin on January 8, 2014 and go through March 19. For more information on becoming a Master Gardener, please contact the Clatsop County Extension Office at (503) 325-8573 or email

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