On November 20th, 2013, the Clatsop County Sheriff's Office, Warrenton Police Department, Seaside Police Department received several reports from citizens who received phones calls from a man pretending to be a Major with the Sheriff's Office. The man introduced himself as "Major Tom Wilson," and told the victims that they had missed jury duty and were going to be arrested.
The suspect told the victims they could avoid going to jail if they would go to Wal-Mart or Walgreens and buy $1000 "Green Dot MoneyPak" cards. The cards would supposedly cover the fines for failing to appear for jury duty. The suspect instructed the victim to buy the cards, scratch off the numbers on the back, and provide those numbers to the suspect. Anyone the cardholder shares the number with, has instant access to the cash.
Green Dot MoneyPak cards are reloadable debit cards, commonly available, which can be used to pay phone, cable, or credit card bills. Scammers like them because they're more convenient than a money wire, but just as untraceable.
The Clatsop County Sheriff's Office will never call a citizen and ask for payment of any kind.
If you received a call similar to this and have yet to report it, you are encouraged to do so by calling 503-325-8635.

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