It's been roughly seven months since Astorians have had open access to the length of 8th street from Commercial street to the top of the hill.  The paving is completed and the street fully reopened Thursday.  The street was replaced beyond curb to curb as a big part of the 11th street CSO project at began April 1.

City project engineer Cindy Moore says there are a number of remaining construction activities that will require short-term lane and/or street closures on 8th St and throughout the project site over the next month. The contractor, Tapani, will continue to work on sidewalk construction, street sign installation, final manhole work, cleanup work, etc., but the timely completion of the project means the city will meet it's mandated deadline with the State DEQ.

The state requires that Astoria meet some tough standards when it comes to controling sewer overflows that in the past have overwhelmed the sewage treatment facility sending raw sewage into the river during times of heavy runoff.  The Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) projects undertaken so far, at a cost of millions, has re-engineered less than half of the total system with more to come while at the same time has acheived more than half of the overall project goals in preventing those overflows from happening. 

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