Oregon State Police Game Enforcement arrested two Cornelius men Monday morning after the two were observed firing on an elk decoy set up catch poachers in Clatsop County.  That was just the beginning for 51-year-old Alex Arias and 19-year-old Dominique Arias.



According to the OSP report both Alex and Dominique knowingly fired a rifle at a spike elk decoy in an area on McGregor Rd where only 3 point elk hunting is permitted. It's alledged that Alex fired at the decoy multiple times from inside his pick-up. Dominique reportedly fired from the roadway.  When police investigated the men's pick-up truck they found a fresh four point buck deer head and fresh deer meat in the bed of the vehicle.  

OSP says Dominique had shot the buck and Alex dressed the animal out leaving most of the meat on the carcass they left behind.  Two 12-year-old boys were found in the back seat of the truck. Alex Arias was also found to be in possession of marijuana and had been smoking it in the vehicle.  A search also revealed that Alex had an open container of alcohol in the vehicle.

Alex Arias ended up arrested on multiple charges including hunting without a tag of any kind and being in possession of the buck, wasting the buck, aiding in the taking of a spike elk. A records check showed Alex as a convicted felon so he was additionally charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and driving while suspended. Because of the minor boys being in the pick-up, Alex was also charged with two counts of recklessly endangering.  Hunting from a motor vehicle is also illegal so he picked up that charge as well.

For Dominique, he faces unlawful taking of game without a tag, taking a spike elk, even though it was a decoy it still counts as a violation. He also was charged with taking the buck deer out of season and hunting on the road which is a prohibited area.

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