The bad news is the Port Of Astoria is facing a state penalty for failing to test for some pollutants in stormwater run-off.  The good news is the Port may sponsor a supplemental environmental project instead of writing a check for the DEQ fine.  Port Interim Executive Director Michael Weston admitted to KAST News that he dropped the ball when filling out a form directing the labwork leaving off a couple of items when the Port sent in samples.  "But", he said "Maybe we can turn this mistake into something good".  The Department of Environmental Quality may allow the Port to take on a needed local environmental project instead of paying the fine which amounts to almost $14,000.

The lab should have tested Port stormatwer samples for chemical oxygen at Tongue Point and for PCBs, DDT and total arsenic in the run-off at the area of the Pier One building. That didn't happen because ,Weston said, he failed to circle those specific items on the labwork order 

Weston plans to appear at hearing in Portland on November 27th to plead the case telling the DEQ that the mistake was unintentional the result of a simple paperwork error.  He said he will talk with the state officials about a possible local environmental project they would like to see happen in place of paying the cash.


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