Almost.  Astoria's big, dirty 11th street CSO project is heading to the final stages.


8th St was paved last week with the first lift from Kensington to Niagara. The final lift of asphalt will be installed in the next two weeks, weather permitting. The city's contractor, Tapani,  will continue working on curbs, sidewalk and intersection corner ramps on 8th St between Franklin and Niagara. Some of the street striping work was completed last week and the final striping effort will be done when weather allows.

The 11th street CSO project has been under demolition and reconstruction since April when it began with the complete rebuild of the 8th and Commercial street intersection which was delayed somewhat by the discovery of old trolley tracks buried under the street surface.  Construction crews ran into several  unexpected issues as they were digging into the old systems.  Residents have had issues with some of the finish work and most will have to wash down their home exteriors to get rid of a stubborn layer of dirt stirred up in the summer construction. At one point as the massive 8th street rebuild was going on phone service to the downtown area, including the county office complex, was cut off when crews dug into phone company lines that, appearently, no one knew were there including Centry Tel, the company that had inherited the ancient system.

Mayor Willis Van Dusen told KAST news in an October interview that there are a number of CSO projects still to come but that because of the work completed so far the city has reached better than half it's state-mandated goal to limit overwhelming the water treatment plant with storm water run-off.  When that happens the excess ends up in the Columbia River.

Final project work and cleanup activities have begun with the expectation that the project will be complete by early December.  When completed the contractor will have installed well over 10,000 feet of new stormwater pipe and replaced water pipe where necessary and repaired or replaced outfalls that channel excess run-off directly to the river.

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