A two year search may be over for a new location for the South County Community Foodbank.  The foodbank has been residing in a building at 880 Avenue A in Seaside for many years through the generousity of the Moose Lodge that owns the structure but it's small and in less than perfect condition.  The Moose would like to sell the property so, according to Seaside Public Works Director Neal Wallace the search for a new location has ramped up over the last few months and the foodbank has approached the city about applying for a community development block grant to help with the purchase and rennovation of another building currently occupied by M & F Plumbing just down the street at 770 Avenue A. 

Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) are made available to non-metropolitan cities and counties for projects that primarily benefit low to moderate income people but non-profits like the foodbank can't apply for one directly. In this case the grant would come through the city of Seaside.  As part of the process and public hearing was held by the Seaside Council Monday evening.  Wallace included a copy of the proposed plan including cost estimates.  Those estimates are preliminary and the result of a walk-through the proposed building to determine how much would have to be done to make it suitable for the foodbank operation.   The grant would also include business relocation costs for the plumbing business that currently occupies the building.

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