Columbia Memorial Hospital is investing $1.1 million in upgrading the quality and safety of its Maternity Department. The Maternity Department remodel is part of an organization-wide push to improve the safety and quality of patients' experience. Construction should wrap up by Dec. 31, just in time for the first baby of 2014.
"The remodel is allowing us to improve the look, safety and comfort of the Maternity Department," Karnofski said.

To minimize disruption to patients, the Maternity remodel is being carried out in three phases so that not all patient rooms are under construction at the same time. "This means occasionally we have had to transfer a post-partum patient to a private room on the Med/Surg unit after delivers, so the labor and delivery room is available for the next mother-to-be who might come in," Karnofski said. "Our maternity nurses are assisting with the staffing of these beds and area available at a moment's notice to provide assistance to our patients."

Patients of the CMH Women's Center who are pregnant are being notified of the construction during their regular prenatal visits that the Maternity Department.

Improvements to the Maternity Department include a new Jacuzzi tub, a new heating and cooling system, upgrades to equipment used for monitoring, lighting and infant security. In addition to quality and safety upgrades, the department is undergoing a facelift with new casework, flooring and paint.

Maternity patients and their families will also appreciate the comfort of in-room refrigerators and DVD players. "This is one of several projects we are working on here at CMH to continue to improve the patient experience and offer the best for our patients," said Jarrod Karnofski, Director of Ancillary Services, who has overseen the improvements.  "If you've been to our facility recently, you may have noticed the lobbies and main hallways have all been updated as well over the last year. After the completion of Maternity we are expecting to work on our Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab department, the Critical Care Unit, the Cafeteria and the Emergency Department."

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