While the city of Warrenton owns the Warrenton Marina it does not own the popular Hammond Marina and pays a lease to the U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers to use the facility.  As a federal facility the city will not be able to make the kind of enhancements there it would like as part of the city planning process.  Commissioner Henry Balensifer is out to change that and he has the support of the Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley and Congress woman Bonamici to get it done.

Balensifer told KAST news this has been a long process starting with the Senate side where Merkley pushed to add an addendum to the water resources bill that would see the hammon Marina turned over to Warrenton at little, or no cost. The latest sticking point came this year when Balensifer noticed that the addendum didn't make in the House version of the bill.  While he was in D.C. primarily to address the pressing issue of federal flood insurance and dike certification he also addressed the marina issue with Cong. Bonamici, who he said was very helpful.  It remains to be seen whether the addendum that would make Warrenton the owner of the Hammond marina makes it into the house version of the water resources bill. Balensifer told KAST news that the showdown in congress that led to the partial shutdown has slowed the process for warrenton's issue.

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