Retail gas prices are moving lower or holding steady in most markets according to the weekly AAA auto club survey and the federal shutdown may be an influence. The national average for regular unleaded remains at $3.35 a gallon this week, while the Oregon average loses a nickel to $3.55.  The national average remains at its lowest point since late January, and Oregon's is at its lowest price since early February.

 AAA spokesperson Marie Dodds speculates that the shutdown of the federal government may be partly responsible for the lower gas prices, in addition to decreased demand due to the end of the summer travel season. The continuing federal government shutdown and looming deadline to address the debt ceiling still hang over markets, which have declined in recent weeks, reflecting concern over the heated impasse in Washington D.C.

AAA continues to expect that national gas prices will fall in the coming months due to sufficient supplies, flat demand and cheaper winter-blend gasoline.

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