Astoria's big, dirty project continues next week.  City engineer Cindy Moore updates what we can expect for the  11th St CSO Separation project next week.  The good news is that the project remains on schedule for completion in November.

Paving on 8th St and 9th St is scheduled for next week.  Tapani has scheduled 9th St to be paved on Monday and Tuesday then 8th St will be paved on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions.

Tapani will continue working on waterline installation on 8th St between Lexington and Niagara next week. Work on curbs, sidewalk and intersection corner ramps will continue between Kensington and Madison.

The following is a schedule of anticipated road closures due to construction for next week:

Paving on 8th St from Commercial to Kensington. 8th St will be closed for preparations and during the paving operation for most of next week.Paving on 9th St from Duane to Harrison. The road will be closed during the paving operation on Monday and likely Tuesday.Construction on 8th St between Kensington and Niagara. 8th St will be closed to through traffic in this area. Intersections will likely be open to east-west traffic when construction is not underway.Construction of curbs, sidewalks and intersection corner ramps on 8th St will continue and may require short-term lane closures.

Tapani will continue working Monday through Friday (10 hour days).

The project website can be accessed via this link

According to a resident in the affected project area, while its good the project is moving along, what's not so good is the mess left behind.  Some homeowners have found that the dirty project has left their house coated with grime and while many can go rent a pressure washer and take care of the problem themselves there is some concern for elderly residents in the construction zones that may find it difficult and costly to do the clean up themselves.

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