The Oregon Department of Forestry is allowing access to the Astoria Basin through the Williamsport Forest Road gate beginning October 4, 2013.  This access point has been closed to the public since the spring of 2013 due to the high instances of illegal garbage dumping in this basin.  Over the past summer efforts have been made to clean up the basin with the assistance of the Clatsop County Sherriff's Office Inmate Work Crew.  While the basin has been open to motorized traffic during this time period via Svenson-Market Road and the Pipeline Road, the Willamsport Forest Road Gate has remained closed.

The Oregon Department of Forestry plans on keeping this access point open through November 22, 2013, barring another increase in illegal dumping, to allow deer and elk hunters a closer access point to the publicly managed lands in this basin.  If illegal dumping begins to occur then this access point will once again be closed.  Land managers ask that hunters keep a vigilant eye out for any illegal activity and report anything suspicious to the Clatsop County Sheriff's Office (503-325-2061) or the Oregon Department of Forestry (503-325-5451).

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