Astoria has had some issues with the placement of public art in the past.  Most of those issues seem to stem from disagreements amongst members of the public and various factions of the local art community about exactly what may be appropriate in terms of what to put where.  A suggestion a few years ago to place artwork along the city Riverwalk met with great public discussion and no small amount of debate.  Now an artist of some renown with a love for the town has offered several pieces of his work to be placed on display.  The city is taking it slowly and offering the public plenty of opportunity to comment before taking action on the offer.  The City Manager issued the following release today: 


The City of Astoria has been approached by the sculpture artist, Stanley Marcus, regarding the
possible donation of his work to the City of Astoria. Mr. Marcus is based in Massachusetts and at
the age of 85, he is nearing the end of his sculpting career. During his visits to our community, the
sculptor has developed a love for Astoria and wishes to donate approximately 15 of his indoor and
15 outdoor pieces. Mr Marcus' sculptures are primarily made of cast aluminum and sometimes
integrate enamel and fused glass elements. Photos of his work are available for viewing at:
Recently, two Stanley Marcus sculptures were donated to the Liberty Theater and are now on
display in the theater's lobby. Mr. Marcus has also temporarily loaned one sculpture to the City.
This piece, October Mountain Totem, is on display in the lobby of City Hall. These three sculptures
are a sample of a possible bequest to the City. The Astoria City Council wishes to receive
feedback from the public on this possible contribution. Comment forms will be available in the
lobby of City Hall. Additionally, October Mountain Totem will be on display at the October 6th
Astoria Sunday Market for viewing and comment. The City would like to receive comments by
Friday, November 8, 2013.
Should the City of Astoria accept the donation from Stanley Marcus, the sculptures would be sited
at various locations throughout the City. The sculptures would not need to be placed at one
location and could be located at various public buildings and public spaces. These locations would
be determined at a later time.

Northwest Lending Group