Clatsop County's ability to notify residents and visitors during emergencies has been enhanced with an improved ClatsopAlerts! service and the addition of a FEMA-managed alert system.

ClatsopALERTS!, Clatsop County's emergency notification system, is designed to provide local citizens with immediate information and warnings about storms, floods and tsunamis, water contamination alerts, missing persons reports, road closures and other events.

In the event of these or other scenarios, ClatsopALERTS! sends out recorded voice or text messages to citizens' home phones, cell phones, pagers and email addresses, alerting them to the emergency and providing important response information. Messages can be sent out county-wide, or targeted to a specific, affected area.

All land-line telephone customers in the county are automatically registered with ClatsopAlerts! – citizens can also sign up to receive messages through cell phones, email and pagers. Registration is available online

Those who register with ClatsopAlerts! will now receive login and password information that will enable them to update and edit their registries to customize their service. That includes choosing from an extensive list of message types to receive, including traffic alerts and community events. All ClatsopAlerts! registrants will continue to receive emergency notifications.

To reach more people during emergencies, Clatsop County has also incorporated IPAWS – Integrated Public Alert and Warning System – into its emergency notification services. IPAWS is an emergency-only notification system managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that gives local emergency agencies the ability to send messages to cell phone users in Clatsop County regardless of whether they are signed up for ClatsopAlerts! This provides the ability to reach visitors with severe weather warnings, evacuation notices, Amber Alerts and other emergency messages.

ClatsopAlerts! will be tested during the statewide Great Oregon Shakeout earthquake preparedness drill onOct. 17. To find out more about ClatsopAlerts! go to

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