Bubba the bus may be headed for the barn permanently.  "We've evolved over time, and are not the same organization we were just a few years ago," says Sunset Empire Transit District Executive Director Jay Flint. "And in promoting our agency to the public, we realized that our current identity no longer reflects all of the services we provide."

Working on a new look for the transit district has been on Flint's "to do" list since he came on board as the new administrative leader of the district, but SETD had much bigger issues as Flint took the reins after a shake-up that saw it's former Executive booted and services drastically cut.  Now with a stronger organization, the return of critical routes and services, and a firm hand at the tiller, Flint can start rebuilding the image and the marketing to match who they are today.

Sunset Empire Transportation District (SETD) is assessing their connection to the community and their approach to public transportation. Part of the process includes a new logo and tagline for the agency.

SETD is collecting public input through October 4 with a brief, 12-question survey. This information will help the SETD board and staff to identify opportunities to improve messaging and more clearly communicate the agency's services. The survey is available at the Sunset Empire Transportation District office at 900 Marine Drive, on SETD buses, at the Astoria Warrenton Chamber office, Seaside Chamber office, the Cannon Beach visitor's center and online at www.ridethebus.org.

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