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Friday, March 27, 2015

The National Weather Service started warnings early yesterday about two storm systems heading for the coast with the strongest of the two expected to impact local communities by Sunday afternoon.  Today NWS is telling coastal citizens to make sure they have put away those outdoor summer things before Sunday "WIND GUSTS OF 40 TO 55 MPH APPEAR LIKELY FOR MANY COMMUNITIES ALONG THE OREGON AND WASHINGTON COAST SUNDAY...WITH STRONGER WINDGUSTS POSSIBLE ALONG THE MORE EXPOSED BEACHES AND HEADLANDS.BECAUSE THIS WILL BE THE FIRST STRONG WIND EVENT OF THE FALLSEASON...AND 2013 FOR THAT MATTER...RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES ALONGTHE COAST SHOULD SECURE THEIR OUTDOOR BELONGINGS PRIOR TO SUNDAY."

Steve Pierce, President of the Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) agrees saysing " Fall officially arrives this weekend and mother nature intends to let us all know about it" A series of fall storms are expected to plow through the Pacific Northwest this weekend and into next week.  Forecast models are in agreement that the first system will arrive Friday evening with an even stronger system on tap for Sunday.  Daytime temps Saturday through Tuesday may drop 15-20 degrees.  Pierce says the systems will bring increasing amounts of rainfall across all of western Oregon and Washington. He says "We will certainly be adding more rainfall to the records books over the weekend and into next week"

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