On September 16, 2013 Astoria Police responded to the foot of 9th Street to a report of two men fighting. When Officer Duryea arrived he found two men fighting. As one man struck the other Officer Duryea challenged them. The man, Daniel B Jones, a 19 year old transient, who was striking the other fled when challenged. He ran on the elevated trestle behind Pier 11 and jumped over the railing on the south side of the trestle. There is a substantial drop on the south side that at the time had exposed rocks below it. Jones then entered the water under Pier 11. Other officers responded to the scene. Jones was located as he came out of the water about fifteen minutes later.

The other person involved in the fight was identified as Luis Jimenez a 26 year old transient. Witnesses indicated that he was involved in the fight and not a victim of an assault.

Jones was transported to Columbia Memorial Hospital to be medically cleared prior to being taken to jail. He had an injury to his ankle and was intoxicated. At the hospital Jones was disruptive to staff, attempted to bite, kick, and head butt officers. He initially cooperated with hospital staff but then became uncooperative with everyone. After being medically cleared without treatment Jones refused to stand up or assist in taking him from the ER to the police vehicle for transport. Officers had to carry him to the vehicle.

Jones, who is on felony probation for Assaulting a Public Safety Officer, indicated that he ran because he didn't want to get in trouble with his Probation Officer for drinking.

Jones was charged with Disorderly Conduct II and Resisting Arrest. Jimenez was cited and released for Disorderly Conduct.

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