Bob Chopping, or "Chop" to his friends, passed away yesterday leaving behind a legacy of community service and his devotion to the city of Astoria.  Mr. Chopping was the owner of KAST AM and FM radio stations from the mid 1960's to the early 80's when he sold the stations to Youngs Bay Broadcasting. He served in city government and was the Mayor of Astoria in the late 70's as well as a member of several local civic organizations. He served as a trustee for the Astoria Elks for any years.  During his days as a broadcaster, Chopping was best known as the host of a night time weekly talkshow focused on local issues and events.  In those days KAST was the place people went on election night because Bob would not only host a live broadcast but the station would post results as they were being counted on large blackboards in the station.  Mr. Chopping innovated some very clever promotions for the station.  One summer he thought up a campaign where he and a young woman would parade downtown carrying large signs and appear to have nothing on underneath. The signs that wrapped around them read "I have nothing on but KAST".   In his later years, Mr. Chopping and his wife split their time between their home in Astoria and a house in Central Oregon with frequent trips back to Astoria and to Hermiston where he owned radio stations as well.  

Bob Chopping will be remembered as someone who worked hard, lived well, and treated others with respect.  He will be remembered by the many people whose lives he touched, for his sense of humor and for setting Astoria on the path to the city it is today.

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